shitty poetry


Well the Indian independence day is upon us

Imagine we’re all assembled in the ground together to salute the flag and celebrate the Independence day, I come forward as mandated to salute the flag, but before I submit myself to the authoritarian will…these are my last words

Let us all salute the flag in uniformity,
after all we gained autonomy you see.

Let us savour the taste of that sweet freedom to practise democracy,
tyranny of the many,
business as usual you’ll see.

Let us take a crash course in eudaimonia,
wreaked and crashed under delusion you’ll see.

Let us all take a leap of faith,
forget we’re all still slaves,
be it this flag or the other you’ll see.

Let us all salute the flag in perfect uniformity,
as we sink deeper, depression and desperation is all there is you see.