shitty poem

At the end of the day.

Crushed will be the mind the more you think

If you don’t do so it will eventually sink

Sink you will anyways maybe ignorance or revelation

All you will need is nudge in either direction

Ignorance would lead you to a path that would make for a hollow life

Revelation would lead you to a path that would be riddled with internal strife

Either way you are done for, as your mind will bleed

You will plant one of those seed

You are already dead though, what’s the point if you do read?

Beauty, Justice, Happiness…what makes you pay heed?

Even if you do end up getting it do you really think you will be able to proceed?

Or will you just become hollow, like a zombie moving ahead as decreed?

Life in solitude or social prominence all ending in one way or the other

In the end all will be smothered by nature mother.

– Anup