Movie Reviews : Moneyball


Money ball is a  2011 movie which focuses on a topic i am not that well versed on, a game known as Baseball which is apparently America’s favourite pass time, so hopefully it well revived over there.

So, yeah the plot revolves around Billy a washed out GM who has been done wrong by the game and is now a part of  a broken marge and is now dealing with the loss in his carer therefore he is in a state of disorder in both parts of his life.Soon, he face loss of few of his decent players and ends up with a mediocre team when he is met with Peter which is hired by him as he sees “something” in him. Now Peter is hired as his assistant  GM he now helps Billy build his team using an unorthodox algorithm of a sort that is a “sure shot way” for Oakland Athletics to win at a lower cost  then they would have if they had tried to buy better player, they now instead they get down-torn athletes that have one or the other type of deformity that doesn’t allow them to compete in the big league.

Now the movie goes on for a while with the picking process and the dismissive-ness of his scouting staff of this said algorithm. Then after a while the games begin and the lot of things happen.A lot of drama.More character development of the GM.Introduction to his family(the GM’s daughter and his ex-wife etc.) a little expansion on that and then comes the result of this algorithm which don’t seem good after the first games loss.But the story eventually builds up and Oakland start to looked upon as the underdog winners and they start to beat almost every team they face due to some major changes in the lineup and a few carefully planed move by the GM and his assistant. All is well until they start failing again and almost come to an end but soon the GM is offered a job at the Boston Red Sox with an attractive “offer” with consideration to his life and how he was screed over by baseball earlier in his life he decides not to get greedy and sticks with his low paying unforgiving job based on principal even though *spoiler alert!* his team loses at the end of  the season. I can go into detail as to my understanding of why he mad that choice but that would ruin fun for you to decide as i think the makers of the movie intended even though it is based on a true story.


Well that’s what i had to say about Moneyball. In short i would say that movie is worth a watch even if you are not a fan of baseball or any sports for that matter. The move is more then just about the game its about the lead character beautifully portrayed by Brad Pitt and how he manages to give life to the character.

Next i will try to review two or more movies if i can.



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