Abundance of Arrogance with Amity.


This is just a simple old rant pointed towards Amity University.
i do not care for this place nor will i ever in the future,it wastes student’s time like its an abundant resources.Not that many of the alumni over here will put it towards any decent use anyways.

Here go’s nothing then…

You know I don’t ask much from my fellow being other than the fact that he/she treats me as I treat them. Not too much to ask I presume? No, apparently says Amity. It sits in judgement of my wrong doing, my wrong doing of following protocol and defusing situation even though it caused me social scrutiny, even though it killed me a little inside I defused the situation then and there not wanting any trouble I guess because you see I’ve always been the violent one that blows up after a gradual build-up of agony and pain inside but you amity have pushed my last button mate…it’s too much.

I came here to learn and to let lose my writing boundaries but all I have ended up with eternal hell like John Milton’s Devil. It kills me…day in day out living like a pushover. I no longer wish to live on the edge because once I go over that line the only thing that is inevitable is death either of me or that inconsiderate self-important jerk.

That brings me to another point upon this apparently “Best” or “Great” university as advertised. Firstly it doesn’t live up the name “Amity”, don’t feel the amity up in this bitch now do I? Almost all the students are assholes or if they are not they have to convert to this religion quickly because it’s the only way to survive up in here. Secondly stop picking students just because they can afford you damn university are you running a profit mill or a university where an education can be bestowed upon the student? From what I can see the former option seems more credible.
I guess this rant is as useless as anything else ever done in this place ever(this blog,the internet.).pffft….what’s the point you guys will shrug this blog post off like yesteryears problems and just laugh it off with your house painted with gold with that 20mill a day you earn.

Oh well, i guess its not all amity’s fault but mine also i had an opportunity to go into a different college which was a safe bet, which i turned down due to course preference(i preferred english (hons. ) over philosophy (hons.) ) and now look were i am…in a tight spot over thinking things creating guilt were there need’t be any just to fuck me over so can’t get over and try again.


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