Eulogy for a Dream

Today we are gather here to celebrate a dream of mine that lingers and larks in the dark due to neglect.This dream was quite prominent.It had the ability to provide me with the will to live.The will to look forwards to a tomorrow.Unfortunately its wings got clipped in mid flight and it drowned in the ocean of sorrow.Very unfortunate to see pure and utter prominence wash away like that ,but yet you think to yourself what can you do ? it was just a dream there will be many more in the future perhaps not as good as this one but still there is a future in it.

Being the cynic i am i rarely ever see a dream of this caliber.Young,strong yet ever so robust and on the mark and sometimes even persistent.It had become a being of its own , really.It wasn’t even mine anymore.It now belonged to the masses.It was now bigger than ever.It mesmerized every being in its presence due to its enamors qualities.Its evanescence will be ever so mourned…

Never such a dream was present or will ever in the future.Ones who have interacted with this being that is above god will agree with me.This being came and went as it pleased , it was a free bird it was never captive to the narrow tracks of thought on which the train of thoughts commute but it was open and wide as the sky…even though it has passed away it shall stay deep within our epicenters.

This dream shall always  hold our mind and bodies captive with its mesmerizing promise of a cure for blunder in life that we make.It shall hold us captive with the promise of cure like a placebo.It shall lay in our being and be an eternal being in spirit if not in reality.

Rest in peace and forever inspire the ghosts of depression.


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