My words are sometimes in wide demand because i am a man of very few words i shoot to kill.As if i think it through…all might not be well as you want it to be i am a sad sad person with a bad bad perception critically premature & verbally immature.Too much a part of me screams “too much! you have made me suffer.No more shall i stand this torture bring on the horror of uncertainty,now suffer eternally!”

Life gets tough i go back to my old ways of materialism… wasting money on things i don’t need yet do crave increasing worlds surplus of  obesity one measly calorie at a time.Promoted to do drugs by the worlds but i indulge in the drug of overdose high fructose corn syrup a new yet good ol’ kind of high one that god approves of unlike that smack of nicotine or a hit of that joint.

Yo don’t try this at home or else!

Or else!? Or else!? What can i do?

Nothing,nothing at all.

That is because I am but a minuscule part of this grand design called the planet earth.

Some times i just compare my ant size problems to that of the world and hate myself even more.

One of these days i wish to get over it.Untill then bare with me or else fuck off to your oblivious utopian world.

Peace out!


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