Thought’s Train is yet to come.

Wake up on a Sunday morning like you are the best thing that ever happened to this world yet make the movement so sluggish that you look like yesterdays stinking brew left to mellow into the sunshine.You are up and about making moves that aren’t calculated yet trying to convince your mental self that you are making moves that are concise and even calculated.

You are yet to figure out the basics of your monthly expenses yet you think you have calculated your whole life.Thinking you already know whats going to happen next or what kind of dish life is going to serve you.So now you come around once again but now its too late.Too late to even rethink it the bell is ringing,the alarms and sirens are armed with noise and kids with guns and redrum in their minds.You need to run make a move for better or worse you have to run! Now it has to be well calculated you cannot just go for a free run or a marathon you have to stop once in a while take a look around you think and react it cant be all reflex.

So carve you train of thought to power through the hills of the unknown,because it has not just begun but not now but begun it has since the day of your birth and since then all you have done is lagged behind and you have arrived late to the station time after time.Although you tried over and over again to make people get on board with you story,yet all they did was  stand in awe of another train in all his glory.

The other train that came quick and concise as if it was his god given right to steal what is yours: that little slot of time that you no longer owned.

Only thing you posses or will ever posses is uncertainty plain and simple other than that all you have is cycle of life: life comes in death goes out.



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