inconsiderate world?

is this an inconsiderate world or is it just the inability of people to take a joke?

we have a decent and healthy life but at the end of the day all we are doing is ferreting over the small stuff and shortening our life day in day out we might as well part take in a some sort of stupid conversation upon a minuscule subject or even a joke and how it affects him or her but after all the words all we have is wasted time that we are never going to get back no mater how much we struggle, no matter how wealthy we are, no matter how healthy we are.Its just another whimsical try to pass the time along that we don’t posses in the first place we need to be happy with what we have insides no need to express it just have an awareness and if it helps count your blessings and move on.

A joke isn’t going to reduce your quality of life you don’t let it,if you keep ferreting over it then its your loss of what little time you have just be happy you can be a part of some other persons happiness for once in your miserable life.Don’t get offended things that don’t affect you immediate quality of life,because if this is all there is to your life then its not a life its only you getting offended…over what? over what!? i say!

if we look at it this blog post was a poor decision.



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