Hoping to awaken…

Happiness means not a thing in this world of ours either only be contempt or grey there is not room for gayness unless gay means homosexual. You can either be happy with what you have or be a model for economics which says humans have unlimited wants. Granted people can be happy with what they have but is that true happiness? Or is it just a young boy’s wet dream? Who knows maybe we are all unreal & all this is, is a wet dream of what a poor guy wants maybe this is all he can dream of even though it is so grand yet it is so faded.

Sometimes I just sit and think, think & think till I’ve overdone it and lost the initial thought that I had. And when I’m not thinking I am blank like a vessel waiting for some thoughts to fill me up because that is all I have because everything else is material it won’t last it is here now but no one knows of its whereabouts for tomorrow. In summary  I would say that thoughts  are the only thing that are yours well at least that’s what I think but yet I cannot help but look around and observe that it is not, it is as much of a materialistic possession as this body which is taken for granted. Our thoughts are influenced almost every fraction of the second of our waking life we have preconception no matter what and we are influenced by our mundane activities and everyday social interaction.

I am a mock epic of some person’s dream.

I am not eccentric but a self-cantered prick.

I live in a paradise which is lost,

I cost a lot but yet I refuse to smoke pot

Cause I am the enigmatic crack pot.

This isn’t placed to procure self-pity,

But to display how life tends to get gritty,

Shameless how I live my life with any gratefulness

Mocking of a life I have made that was just a dream.


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