Time for revamp?

Time for revamp?


I really need to get back to it.
It being bloging obviously…(thats a word right?).

Well, after that long bunch months i bet you folk’s been waiting for that sad boy bull crap that i used to put out right?
To be perfectly honest who wouldn’t? well, shit you know you want it? don’t you? well i’m sure i get one or two reader? perhaps no…

So,yeah the revamp…I am planing to become like a proper writer in the future now so yeah i do see this blog thing as a good platform to plot out ideas & what not…& maybe i might end up writing myself to the other side.

With your support,why the hell not!?(yes,you the one who reads & doesn’t leave critique or comments)

Well anyways i am going to begin from tomorrow…if you want me to write on a topic then hand me(virtually) the topic of your choice on twitter @MentalCrtique or leave a comment on this post

With love,


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