Distracted Cynic.

What to say?
What to think?
What to do?

When you are distracted by every & anything that pop’s into your mind…
When you cannot concentrate for even 10 seconds upon the topics you should be focused on,in my case the academic performance by me in this session.

Thing that distracts me is the fact that my attendance is falling too short in my school & the fact that i am unable to breakthrough this rut thanks to more & more distraction,one of them being that relatives that i don’t know or want to know are at this point in the place i call home & are restricting me from getting my parents undivided attention so i can talk to them about the distraction that are in my head.

Things I wished would happen are just passing me by as if i am a roadside beggar,things like the wish that i could fix my attendance or could just get away from all the fucking homework for once & actually study for a change.

All i really want is for this session to be over & i could get out of the hell hole of an excuse for a foundation called KVS & just get on with my damn life already.

At this point all i am is a distracted cynic which isn’t what i want to be but i can’t help it due to the circumstances.



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