week 10,11 & 12 : i’ve been slacking

as the title suggests i have been slacking quite a bit be it my blog or my studies.

most of the first & second week were spent getting in the best shape possible for the teachers day celebration & also by gaming i guess finished 2/4 campaign on Left 4 dead since then i along with my brother completed the game from front to back 4/4 & then i bought him Left 4 dead 2 so we can play later , hopefully not this week as i have tests coming up gotta cram some stuff in so i’ll get 15-20 marks at least as i have not touched the books for a while now ,only my history book for a little while that is.

also been having shin splints due to the exercises done before teachers day since then there has been a big dent in my workout as i cannot do cardio with the same amount of strength. i have lost a lot of body fat though but i am unable to follow through to keep it down.

after all this i have also watched a shit load of zombie movies such as dawn of the dead (new & old) , diary of the dead , shaun of the dead etc. still a lot to watch.

made some stuff on photoshop which you can see at my deviant art account.

i was thinking of writing a story or something recently but due to the lack of time i might not follow through.

anyways that’s about it.
will see ya later 🙂


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