Week 6 : better.

ah after the tense last week.

things got good after two days of this week.

the two days i was doped again then i stooped because at night of the second day i was medicated i had epic diarrhea it almost felt like everything from my body got shat out , therefore i ended up missing two of my school day & unit tests.

then i went to the doctor to get myself checked out then i went to school the next day gave the tests etc. then on with rest of the week in which i didn’t get much back pain(it almost feels healed possibly another week for complete recovery *fingers crossed XD*), ear pain has also vanished.

To be honest things are actually looking up slowly.

I’m getting back into my hobby of making digital art , I’m also gaming a little bit now a days as in playing single players more than multiplayers which is a good thing for my as i am a little bit addicted to online gaming.

Hopefully i won’t go into the self loathing bender again & try to be more reasonable about stuff.

Anyways this is it for week 6.

Thanks for reading,


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