Week : 2 & 3

well i almost forgot about the blog stuff (or was just too lazy to make a post or due to real life shenanigans :p)
any who, i am here & i don’t really wanna talk about my real life as it is really bland so this time we take a detour to the world of gaming & life stuff.

I recently got myself a x-box 360 in exchange for my ps3 from my brother as he had the 360.
games i have tried to play COD:MW2 which i suck at as i am not very good with the controller.
My weapon of choice is keyboard & mouse as i mostly prefer to play FPS.

also played 4 acts of gears with my brother as he is(or was) in town for about 10 days.
which we got through by yelling & annoying each other but i will admit that it was pretty fucking fun overall.

then today i logged onto my steam & see a steam update for TF2 which i fucking love with a passion & the update was for the engineer which is my favorite class so win win for me.
but in these two weeks i did have some major set backs as i keep hurting my body while working out which i do not do this much.
yesterday i think i hurt my lower back area real bad, hopefully it won’t take long to heal…

not much else to tell other than that i now have a XBL profile named CriticallyM so add me if you wish to play with me sometime…

thanks for reading


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