Week 1 : eh…

well as i promised before i will try to keep the blog up with a weekly post like this.
Let us start at the begging shall we ?


didn’t do much exercised went to school where i was supposed to give a 2hr. history written test but that got postponed because most of the students didn’t study so the test might take place tomorrow for which i think ,i am partly prepared i.e i have studied about 1 chapter out of 3.

i hope the test doesn’t happen tomorrow but if it does i have a 33% chance of passing.

after all this i came back home & did some homework(i got too much, still have not finished even got dumped with more for the sunday :/ (the only day off i get throughout the week.) )

went to bed early about 8-9 pm-ish.


was beat(my leg hurt as well) by Monday so i decided not to go to school & catch up on my homework & study a little , that was pretty much my day.

went to bed by 8 pm-ish.


went to school after working out as i felt better after last days rest.

submitted my homework that i did.

then came back did basically nothing through the rest of the day.

went to sleep at around 7-8 pm-ish.


day is kind of a blur in my head…

probably similar to Wednesday.


same ol’ stuff at the school.

except there were a fewer boys present in the class,the annoying ones.But the girls made up for that fact by having a verbal cat fight & when i asked them to shut the fuck up(not in these exact words, but i did scream) they turned on my for some odd reason & i had to back down because i am not a fucking brain dead moron! as you see most of the ways i could abuse them were above their head or too abusive from my perspective so i backed out because i don’t fight with bitches.

so that was the highlight of the day & as nice of a guy i am,i was actually feeling bad that i screamed at theme as it didn’t seem very rational to me when i was tying to make sense for my action later on in the day.

after all that bs i came back home & i went to sleep at around 7 pm-ish.


worked out went to school.
felt that the hole day was very unproductive & bland as i didn’t live up to the goals i set for my self that day.

came home was feeling bored so played a few games & then went to bed around 9ish.


i woke up at around 8 which is kind of late than usual.

bummed around played CS:S for 2-3 hours without breakfast.
then ate a diary enriched breakfast.
ranted about stuff like the water supply , my mothers way of cooking , my flush etc.
then later in the day went for a hair cut & got myself some junk food , ate it while playing CS:S & watching Curb your enthusiasm.
then bummed around a little more & took a shower.

then wrote this blog…

i might go to bed late as i have to cram some of my subjects before i appear in the classroom tomorrow.

if you took the time read through this or even lightly read some of it thanks 🙂


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